My Lovely Design


  • Human Design Specialist
  • Reiki Master
  • Multidimensional Energetic Balancing
  • Couples & Individual Chart Reading
  • Retreats or Workshops
  • Transfer Factor

Business Mission

“I’m on a mission to help her clients truly understand what they came here to gift this world and what they need to receive so that they can. By allowing them to see their true light and the keys they carry for themselves and others, they can truly step into and anchor their InnerEssence, so that they can release the shame, guilt, and fears that they have about being who they were truly designed to be. Human Design provides a blueprint, I call it your Energetic Fingerprint, that helps one understand not only who they are but how to market their business, manifest their desires, and live more in flow with life itself.”

What inspired you to start your business?

“After my career as a traveling professional artist was forced to an end in 2020, I found myself in another awakening moment. This experience was a catalyst along my spiritual journey where I found new gifts emerge within myself. Today, through the gift of Human Design and energetic Bio-Field Balancing, I show others how uniquely different they were designed to be. I help people understand their own energy as well as how others may perceive it.”

What brings you joy?

“What brings me the most joy in my business is seeing people’s lights turn on. When I can see and feel their energetic shift, that is what brings me great joy. Bringing them a more energetic emotional alignment is extremely rewarding because I know they will share more love and light with others if they are in alignment.”