Life Coach for Dreamers

Kim Harrison

“I chose to be a professional member to help spread the word and provide support to build a strong community for our valley and beyond. I appreciate the collaboration that takes place here and the general joy that is present anytime I am around a Lightworker. I also have found a place where I can share my gifts openly without judgment.”


  • 60 Minute Dream Session
  • Sleep Coaching
  • Creating Your Dream Life
  • Dream Circles
  • Conscious Dream Generation

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Business Mission

“It all begins with a Dream”

What inspired you to start your business?

“It came to me in a liminal dream. I realized that I had been given a gift for understanding the language of dreams and helping others to find the coded messages within them, both the ones recalled from sleep and the ones a person desires to generate.”

What brings you joy?

“I love to provide value by offering clarity. If someone feels less alone and empowered to trust themselves, then I feel very happy.”