Inspire Natural Medicine

Dr. Dana Mockenhaupt, NMD

Gathering of Lightworkers has grown my small businesses over 60% with new patients! This community creates both personal and professional growth on so many levels!”


  • Naturopathic Medical Care
  • Personal Plant Medicine
  • Nervous System Balancing
  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Biofeedback

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Business Mission

“My mission with Inspire Natural Medicine is to educate my patients about nature and the connections of the mind, body, and spirit. I love sharing with my patients on how they can learn to heal themselves. We all know intuitively what increases our vitality, and I am here to remind us of these healing techniques, while also teaching about the beautiful power of plant medicine.”

What inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration for Inspire Natural Medicine comes from a place of love for all humans with the realization that people don’t have access to true healing modalities as the medical system wants to make it seem. In my residency, I was overwhelmed seeing the realm of insurance based system of healing no one was getting better. My dream was crushed, and I truly questioned if I really wanted to be a physician. Those “stuck” moments, feeling isolated, lost, confused- am I living my purpose-type moments, this is when Inspire Natural Medicine was created. Inspire Natural Medicine is part of my heart sharing with my community, it came from the place of necessity-we need to learn how to heal more than ever. With so much propaganda telling us “we are not enough” or “you need this pill (or surgery) to save you”. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE! Inspire Natural Medicine is here to reconnect you to nature, following the simple laws and truths of nature. Healing happens everyday, individually, with your healing team, and community.

What brings you joy?

The most happiness I have in life is in the forest. The analogies and connection created in the quiet solitude of nature fuels me to continue to work in the depths of healing with my patients. This is a crucial part of my health that is needed to keep me going strong on my path that rejuvenates my passion and purpose in life. I get joy in seeing others find their health, creating a stronger connection with themselves, their family, their community–this is healing on the exponential level–this will be the joy that changes the world!