Golden Alchemy Meditation

Brandi Wolf


  • Certified Master of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher
  • Guest Speaking & Education
  • One-to-one Meditation Experience
  • Meditation Dinners
  • Personal chef specialty dinners – including vegan, vegetarian, GF, and pescatarian diets

Business Mission

Golden Alchemy Meditation: Helping people to connect with their essence and the stillness that rests within through one-to-one sessions, in-person/virtual classes, meditation dinners, and as a guest speaker. We also offer the Dancing Chef dinner parties with my husband Matt Lambert offering healthy meals with cuisine from around the world. These in-home specialty dinners cater to vegan, vegetarian, GF, and pescatarian diets!

What inspired you to start your business?

“When I was young meditation came naturally, however, it was not consistent and I became more of a crisis meditator. Until crisis and trauma actually hit. A series of events left me in pain and in what some call, “dark nights of the soul.” Healing my own heart became a journey of self-discovery that awakened my soul and eventually led me to become a Certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher in 2021 and graduate of the advanced training, Deeper Still, in 2023.”

What brings you joy?

“What brings me joy, is being able to help someone else find the stillness and silence that rests within. Along with being able to offer a bit of stress relief; watching someone initially come in not at their best, but leaving the meditation feeling more calm, more relaxed and less stressed. Ultimately, it’s serving others.”