Let Love Rise

Andrea Blythe

I’ve enjoyed getting to meet other members of the GOL community at the monthly evening socials. The raffle prizes are absolutely unlike any other!!


  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Matrix Mindset Teacher
  • Moon Circles
  • Magi Certified Reader
  • Music Therapy
  • Retreats & Seminars

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Business Mission

I am passionate about the moon, music, mindset and the Magi and use these healing tools to help people free themselves from stories that no longer serve and become the courageously authentic co-creator of their lives!

What inspired you to start your business?

In the Spring of 2020 I went through a very painful divorce which was just the beginning of the end of the life as I knew it. In the Spring of 2021 I started a blog called Let Love Rise to publicly process my grief story as a form of therapeutic writing, in the hopes that others could relate. Two years later, the blog has grown beyond a passion project into a full time business where I aspire to help others rise from the ashes and become the powerful co-creator of their life!

What brings you joy?

I love it when a client has an “aha” breakthrough moment; when a glimmer of understanding of who they are and how they were made to authentically shine comes through. Weather we are dancing under the moon or holding space for one another in a supportive embrace, my joy comes from seeing others get to know and love themselves more fully.